• Sparkal’s Guide to Getting Ready For KOTET

    With about a week away from the release of the new expansion, many players are preparing for the expansion.  I know I have for quite some time even while working on the the DVL event.  Here is what I suggest everyone should do to prepare.  Finish up the DVL event up as much as you […]

  • Sparkal’s Tips and Tricks to the Dark Vs. Light Event in SWTOR

    One of the things that I am good at when it comes to MMOs, is that I can game the system with the system that is given to me.  What I don’t do is exploit though.  I use what is given to me and use it to my advantage, which anyone could easily do. In […]

  • Preparing for The Knights of the Fallen Empire Part 7: Max out Companion affection and crew skills

    Make sure you max out your companion’s affection and finish their stories. You will not be able to go back if you start the knights of the fallen empire. If you max out your affection with your companion’s the better they will be when it comes to fighting. Also I would suggest to max out […]

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