Fleet Advanced Escort



This ship is a very good escort for a science character. When it comes to a bridge officer slot, it comes with a:

  • Commander Tactical
  • Lieutenant Tactical
  • Ensign Tactical
  • Lieutenant Engineering
  • Lieutenant Commander Science

I am very tanky in this ship. I may not have a whole lot of firepower in this ship, but I have the ability to stay alive. This ship is used for STFs. If you do plan on getting this ship, it is advisable to get the cstore version first because this does not come with the multi-vector console. Some of what I am about to post does require that you work on your New Romulas and Omega Reputation to get the gear.

Here is the BO layout. You do not have to do it exactly the same as I have as some of the skills can be flip flopped between different bridge officers.

Commander Tactical

  • Tactical Team I
  • Attack Pattern Delta I
  • Torpedo Spread III
  • Cannon Scatter Volley III

Lieutenant Tactical

  • Beam Array Overload I
  • Attack Pattern Beta I

Ensign Tactical

  • Tactical Team I

Lieutenant Engineering

  • Emergency Power to Shields I
  • Emergency Power to Shields II

Lieutenant Commander Science

  • Science Team I
  • Transfer Shield Strength II
  • Hazard Emitters III

Here is what the actual ship layout is:

Fore Weapons
2 Romulan Dual Heavy Cannons MK XII [ACC][Crtd]
Romulan Hyper-plasma Torpedo Launcher
Romulan Dual Plasma Beam bank Mk XII [ACC]x2

Adapted M.A.C.O. Positron Deflector Array Mk XII

Adapted M.A.C.O. Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII

Elite Fleet Adaptive Regenerative Shield Array Mk XII [Cap]x2 [ResB] [Adapt]

Aft Weapons
Romulan Plasma Turret Mk XII [Acc]x2

Engineering Consoles

  • Console – Universal – Assimilated Module
  • Console – Universal – Multi-Vector Assault Module

Science Consoles

  • Console – Science – Inertial Dampeners Mk X [ShH] [-Th]
  • Console – Science – Inertial Dampeners Mk X [HuH] [-Th]
  • Console – Zero-Point Energy Conduit

Tactical Consoles
5 Console – Tactical – Plasma Infuser Mk XI

Suggested Skill Tree

Tactical SystemsEngineering SystemsScience and Operations Systems
Starship Attack Patterns - 9Starship Hull Repair - 6
Starship Flow Capacitors - 6
Starship Weapons Training - 9Structural Integrity - 6Starship Shield Emitters - 6
Starship Energy Weapons - 9Starship Systems Repair - 5Starship Power Insulators - 6
Starship Projectile Weapons - 9
Starship Warp Core Efficiency - 6Starship Shield Systems - 6
Starship Maneuvers - 9
Starship Electro-Plasma Systems - 6Starship Graviton Generators - 6
Starship Targeting Systems - 9Starship Warp Core Potential - 6Starship Particle Generators - 6
Starship Energy Weapons Specialization - 9Starship Engine Performance - 6Starship Sensors - 6
Starship Hull Plating - 6
Starship Inertial Damperers - 6
Starship Shield Performance - 6
Starship Weapons Performance - 6

*This build can be used for the C-store version. You get one extra tactical console slot with the fleet version.