Surface Tension

Last week, STO released season 9.  This post is about the feature episode Surface Tension that was part of season 9.  Since the first featured episode they have created, they have improved.  I think this one of the best to date.  Its the story telling in general that has improved.  It really feels like star trek.  When the mission started, they even did a recap of what has happened until now.  That is true to star trek and most series that have a continuation.

This brings Star Trek Online to 2410 as we have been working with 2409 since the game had came out.  With the first run though, I actually felt with the characters.  Since the game came out, the Federation and the KDF have been enemies.  By the time the mission ended, they were allies.  I honestly was happy to see that.

Many people may fear that it will hurt the game and I don’t see that happening.  We have been teaming up with the KDF for quite some time so it will not hurt the game.  Its moving the game forward.  You don’t have to have the KDF enemies since there are other enemies that they both can focus on.